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Educational Clinics

Foundational Movements

This is our flagship clinic and one that we do with every fitness renovation. The human body can only do so many movements. Understanding these movements and the importance of owning them before progressing is the focus of this clinic

Nutrition 101

You can't outwork a bad diet.... This is TRUTH. The reality is most of us do not know where to start, or are simply overwhelmed due to media and fad diets out there. This clinic is for those that want to simplify the process.

Training Athletes Today

It's no secret that our youth is growing up in a whole new world. This means we need to meet them where they are. Training these athletes comes with its challenges and also massive gains today. This clinic is designed to help coaches see the challenges and aid in getting the most out of their TEAMS 

Finding Your Why

Everyone of us wants to MOVE FORWARD. But have you set Goals? Have you taken the time to FIND YOUR WHY? This workshop style clinic focuses on the above along with the crucial steps that follow to help avoid getting discouraged down the road. 

Athlete Mentorship Program

This clinic is for those that choose to run our flagship AMP program with their athletes. We take a deep dive into all this program can do and how to navigate the challenges that can pop up as the program progresses.

Incorporating Strength in PE

There is only so much time in the average PE class. How and when to incorporate strength can be a challenge for some of our educators. This clinic simplifies that.


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