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"Our Mission Is To Bring Fitness Spaces, and Education To Those That Need it Most" 



We are passionate about one simple goal: Move Fitness Forward. As budget cuts force school districts, first responders and community organizations to shift priorities, fitness and wellness are dramatically overlooked. The Impact Fitness Foundation is a cost-effective, 501 c3 nonprofit resource that provides tools to assist in organizational changes that make an ongoing IMPACT.




IFF builds/renovates unused or unsafe areas into Motivational Fitness, Movement, and or Mindfulness spaces that promote healthy habits, helping those using the space MOVING FORWARD.


Our Team of certified and highly educated Fitness and Nutrition Coaches lead clinics to help build, develop and grow a culture that can continue functioning for years after each project is completed.


Here at IFF we want to continue to be a resource for those leading the way in these spaces after each project is complete. We accomplish this by providing a continuing education community for these leaders to be a part of and grow.

 If this mission speaks to you, please donate today to help these amazing young athletes
keep moving forward !


Since 2017

Over 70 Spaces Completed
70,000 Lives Impacted
Over 300,000 sq. ft. Transformed


Chris Welsh, Founder

A diverse background in fitness center design and construction, coupled with a passion for making a

difference, provides the guiding principles for the Impact Fitness Foundation. Chris has spent more than

a decade in the fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Coach, serving in a

Vice President of Corporate Facilities and Trainers role before moving on to provide fitness and nutrition

consulting services to nonprofit and for-profit organizations. He has worked with elite athletes such as

Tom Brady, DK Metcalf, Lindsey Vonn and many more in his role as an Under Armour Training Consultant. 




C. Leon King High School, Tampa

“These kids are learning how to exercise…the new space gives them a reason to look forward to

coming to King High School.”


Austin College & Career Academy, Chicago

“I was at a loss for words…these were spaces we hadn’t used for two years. It was breathtaking.”

Former Football Coach

L.G. Pinkston High School, Dallas

“The upgrades to this facility improved participation numbers… we see it focusing kids on the

importance of health and fitness… we know when kids are healthy and fit, they’re more alert, they’re

more likely to come to school.”


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