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Before becoming a personal trainer, I was blessed to have spent seven years chasing my dream of being a professional athlete. After leaving that sport, fitness became my passion. Over these past 15 years, my fitness journey has taken me from a young green personal trainer to overseeing large scale performance facilities for Under Armour with over a hundred trainers and instructors. Now my days are filled by designing, leading and educating fitness and movement for communities in need all around the country as the founder of The IMPACT FITNESS FOUNDATION. Along with the day to day operations of IMPACT, I am a husband and father of two amazing boys, a coach, competitor and old guy lacrosse player on the weekends!

It is my belief that if we keep an open mind and that desire to Keep Moving Forward with our education and understanding of fitness that we can impact more people in the most positive ways. The journey to a successful fitness program is not only in the weight room. It is at home, in the classroom and in between our ears.

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